The Ensuring Integrity Bill gives the Federal Court the power to cancel and fine unions and their leaders. The proposed laws will make it even harder for, and even criminalise unions for initiating legitimate industrial action.

Fire Fighter
Ambulence Worker

These laws will affect EVERY working Australian. 

From nurses, to teachers, to construction workers and firefighters.


Wage theft, sports rorts and bank corruption… Australian’s have had enough.

From Calombaris and Target, to Coles and 7-11, hard-working Aussies are continually been ripped off, yet Attorney General Christian Porter is taking on workers for “Integrity”?

Instead of targeting his big business mates, Porter is punishing Australian workers with even harsher laws.
Where is the equivalent for big businesses and politicians?



On 16 August, 2017 the Federal Government introduced the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill into Parliament.

The Bill was fortunately knocked back.


On 4 July 2019 the Morrison Government tried to introduce this anti-worker legislation again. Fortunately, with the help of thousands of Australian workers, we contacted Senators thousands of times, urging them to reject this union-busting bill, with Jacqui Lambie thankfully voting NO to this attack on working Australians.


However, the Morrison government is set on continuing to hurt working Australian’s by reintroducing the bill back into the senate in 2020. 

Industrial Relations Minister Attorney General Christian Porter is determined to push through the bill, signing back room deals and selling out Australian workers in an effort to pass this union-busting bill.



Less bargaining rights for fair wages

The Ensuring Integrity bill will severely affect wage growth, skewing negotiating outcomes in favour of big corporates, leaving nurses, teachers, construction workers and firefighters to suffer.

Deregistration of unions and your union money

The bill will allow the federal court to disqualify officials from holding office as well as give the Court power to appoint an administrator to an organisation for acts as small as missing due dates for paperwork.

Reduced worker protection

The bill breaches international conventions on labour rights and is a serious threat to trade union democracy.

Who will stand up for Australian workers when we need it most?

It is up to these Senators to decide if the bill passes through, ultimately hurting ALL working Australian’s whilst letting the big banks, business and white collars get away with fraud, wage theft and money laundering…

Don’t let the Morrison Government’s agenda pass
2 sets of rules:
1 for big corporations and the other for working Australians.

The Ensuring Integrity Bill is about ONE thing: hurting working Australian’s and setting us back, whilst we lose the ability to fight for our democratic rights. Where’s the integrity in that?

Complete the form below to contact Senator Rex Patrick and Senator Stirling and urge them to vote NO on the Ensuring Integrity Bill.

If you have any questions, get into contact with us.

Authorised by D Noonan CFMEU Construction and General Division, Sydney